Commercial Laundry Supplies from Titus

Titus Commercial Laundry provides the commercial laundry supplies needed to keep your OPL running smoothly. Our commercial-grade detergents, builders and cleaning chemicals are specially formulated to meet the unique needs of commercial laundry facilities. Our commercial laundry supplies meet the requirements of commercial laundry equipment manufacturers.

Our Top-Selling Commercial Laundry Supplies

Titus Nova Built Detergent

Titus Nova — Built Detergent

A concentrated, emulsion detergent whose combination of alkaline builders and surfactants releases and removes heavy soils from soiled laundry.

Titus Chlorine Destainer

Titus Destainer

Stabilized, 12.5% active bleach (sodium hypochlorite) that whitens and brightens fabric.

Titus Soft & Sour

Titus Soft & Sour

Combination fabric softener and pH reducing sour.